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Teen Stress: Biggest Triggers & 7 Ways To Cope

Avoid teen stress

Teens are bound to experience some kind of stress. It’s an inevitability, and really, a fact of life. We, as humans, all experience stress. Teens are no exception to that. Unfortunately, many teenagers are left to suffer in silence on the topic.  In fact, a study found teens’ stress levels rival that of adults. Furthermore,…

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7 Reasons For Stress In Teens & How To Help Them Heal With Coping Techniques

stess in teens

Life is just plain stressful at times. This is true for adults, as well as adolescents. According to a new survey by the American Psychological Association, “American teens report experiences with stress that follow a similar pattern as adults”. Undergoing extremely stressful situations in the teen years can have long-term effects that may persist into…

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