Guide to Maintenance of Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry (download guide)

The American Society For Adolescent Psychiatry provides board certification in Adolescent Psychiatry by the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry.  After the initial 10-year certification, recertification is for a period of five years.  Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is required of all board-certified Diplomates. It is the responsibility of Diplomates to submit their annual MOC paperwork in order to not jeopardize their certification.  This is required annually regardless of your certification term (10 or 5 years).

The following requirements have been established by the ASAP Council on Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry (otherwise referred to as the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry or ABAP) to ensure that Diplomates of ABAP retain and maintain competence in the treatment of adolescents and their families:

Completion, each year (effective year of certification/recertification) of 10 hours of Category I CME specifically in child/adolescent psychiatry. Documentation is to be supplied to ABAP by December 31 of the year recertification is due. If a question exists as in whether a given CME program is applicable, the candidate by the end of the calendar year the CME was taken should obtain written approval from the Council. It is strongly recommended that Diplomates submit their Category I CME documentation for the year when they pay the annual MOC fee ($50). 

MOC Fee Payment:  Each year, Diplomates are required to pay the annual $50 MOC fee and will be billed accordingly. (NoteStarting with the 2019 MOC year, the fee will be waived for Diplomates who are also active/dues paying ASAP members.)  Fee payments must be received no later than July 1 of the following year.  Failing to pay the fee by July 1 will result in suspension and no longer reported as actively board-certified by ABAP until such time as a reinstatement fee (currently $100) and all outstanding MOC fees are paid.  

To pay MOC and/or reinstatment fees online, please visit the payments page:

ABAP may revoke the certification of Diplomates who do not meet all requirements for continued certification.  ABAP reserves the right and responsibility to alter these requirements with adequate notice to the field of psychiatry.


For certification/recertification information, please visit

  1 Please download and review the presentations “Evaluation and Formulation in Adolescent Psychiatry” and "Psychiatric Case Formulation"