The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry provides board certification in Adolescent Psychiatry by the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Initial Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry
2020 Application Deadline: May 31, 2020

The certification examination for added qualifications in Adolescent Psychiatry is given once every year. Completed applications for the examination must be received at ASAP office generally at least 6 weeks before the participant plans to sit for the exam (unless otherwise noted). The annual examination takes place at the same location and date as ASAP’s annual scientific conference. The exact date, time, and location is posted on ASAP's website as soon as this information is available each year. Otherwise, please contact the ASAP office for information. The term of the initial certification is ten years. Annual Meeting registration is discounted for members. Subsequently, you are required to submit documentation of 10 hours of Category 1 CME credit for the current year and the annual filing fee of $50 by December 31.

Fee Schedule

Registration Fee $450 (a one-time nonrefundable fee, payable at time of application)
Examination Fee $750 (payable upon admission to candidacy)
Re-Registration Fee $200 (a one-time nonrefundable fee, for candidates who previously failed the examination)
Re-Examination Fee $300 (payable at time of re-application)

To pay online, please visit the payments page:  https://asap.memberclicks.net/payment-page.

To submit a certification application, please complete the following form:  

Microsoft Word format:  ABAP Certification Application
PDF format:  ABAP Certification Application

NOTE: All applications for the certification are to be postmarked by May 31, 2020, and submitted electronically or mailed to:

American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry
5903 Mount Eagle Drive #917
Alexandria, VA  22303


Recertification Requirements

If you are currently certified through the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry (ABAP), you must submit a full recertification packet.  The packet MUST include the following:

  • Recertification Application (online only)
  • Documentation of 10 hours of Category 1 CME credit per year (for last 5 or 10 years of certification) specifically in child/adolescent psychiatry (unless submitted annually) and ALL MOC fees are paid.
  • Case Report
  • Copy of current medical license
  • Proof of active board certification in general or child/adolescent psychiatry by either ABPN or the Royal College of Medicine in Canada
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proof of active APA membership status (if applicable)
After submitting your online application with the above requirements, please go to the Certification Payments page under "Recertification Fees" to select the appropriate payment.  Remember, if you have a current member in good standing (current year's dues paid), you are eligible for a 25% discount on the recertification fee).  Also, starting in 2019, if you're an ASAP member in good standing (current year's dues paid), you do not have to pay  the 2019 MOC fee; however, prior years' fees must be paid and proof may be required to verify).  More information on the recertification process can be found below.

To submit the annual Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements online, click here or go to the Guide to Maintenance of Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry Requirements.


  • Recertification Application Fee:  $500.00 (includes one case management report fee and certificate) 
  • Maintenance of Certification Fees:  $250 (5 years) or $500 (10 years) (unless $50 paid annually)
  • Late Fee $100.00 (for applications submitted after December 31)
  • Grace period of 6 months ending June 30 of the year after certification expires (late fee applies)

To pay online, please visit the payments page:  https://asap.memberclicks.net/payment-page

For more information about certification/recertification, contact the National Office: (703) 746-8900 or [email protected]