American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ASAP)
(in conjunction with APA's Annual Meeting)
Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
419 South 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA  19147 

The ASAP 2020 Annual Meeting, Shots Fired: Gun Violence and Youth Mental Health, will be held on April 24, 2020, just before the start of the American Psychiatric Association’s meeting in Philadelphia. ASAP presents a very timely conference developed in response to the national crisis of gun violence. This meeting is a day for community leaders, providers, researchers, & health officials to discuss the most effective and relevant strategies to address gun violence in adolescents and young adults. Youth in the U.S. experience staggeringly high rates of gun deaths and injuries. Gun homicides, non-fatal shootings, and exposure to guns are omnipresent in some communities and are a lurking threat in all communities.  School attendance and performance, safety outside of the home and honest self-expression are affected by guns in the wrong hands. Our neighborhoods, schools, colleges, and houses of worship are not safe from gun violence.

The meeting will explore the causes and the impact of gun violence on adolescents and young adults across the U.S. Outstanding speakers at the meeting will assess current gun safety strategies. They will present evidence-based solutions to strengthen gun safety and to protect youth from suicide, homicide, and accidental gun death.

ASAP’s meeting brings people together from across the United States who work with and for young people. At its heart, this meeting explores the solutions, evidence-base, and challenges of services, programs, and approaches for improving adolescent and young adult mental health.

Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church is the location of ASAP’s 53rd Annual Meeting. This location was chosen because of the important historical strides that first took place there as newly free African Americans fought racial discrimination through religion, protest, and community activism. Today the legacy of that institutional racism continues. The negative impact on young black men results in them being more likely to die by guns homicides than white youth. Gun violence in the host city of Philadelphia disproportionately involves African-American men too — nearly 75% of all victims and known perpetrators are young African-American men. Homicide is the leading cause of death for young Black men ages 15 to 34. Mother Bethel is a National Historic Landmark whose vibrant congregation continues as a beacon for the black community, reminds us that urban black men are more likely to die by guns in homicides than whites and live with the chronic stress of personal vulnerability.

Learning Objectives
Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:
  1. The participants will be able to describe the direct and indirect burden of gun violence to youth, families & communities.
  2. The participants will be able to provide an overview of the prevalence and patterns of gun-carrying and use among high-risk adolescents.
  3. The participants will be able to provide an overview of the epidemiology and risk/protective factors associated with the public health problem of interpersonal firearm violence among urban youth populations.
  4. The participants will be able to describe the importance of collaboration and multi-stakeholder involvement in handling the challenge of gun violence in the urban setting.
  5. The participants will be able to describe evidence-based gun violence reduction efforts for high-risk youth and young adults who have a history of involvement in street groups and gangs.
  6. The participants will be able to describe the impact of increased firearm access and the right to carry laws on college campuses on liability concerns for students with a history of mental illness.
  7. The participants will be able to describe an evidence-based intervention for suicide prevention in adolescents and young adults related to firearm safety promotion.
  8. The participants will be able to explain novel programs, strategies, and collaborations that better assess and mitigate the risk of targeted school violence.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Location:  TBA

The reception is open to all attendees who present a meeting badge.